Dating Disasters

Dating disasters Brussels - WEdate

We have all had them. If you are willing to share yours, then let us know and we will post them here. E-mail us at And thanks to everyone that has shared so far.


Dating website disappointment:

I saw a guy on a dating website and his job was one of my greatest passions so I was instantly interested. We connected and we were both keen to meet up but he was on holiday with friends but he would get back to me when he was back in Belgium. I didn’t hear from him after a few days but I didn’t think anything of it so I emailed him. It was quite hard to get a date in the diary because he said he was really busy, but we managed to arrange something for the following Monday.

I wanted to exchange some emails beforehand to see if we were compatible, but he said he wanted to meet, as a personal meeting was the best way to know if you are compatible. His profile was so interesting to me that I was hopeful, so when he wanted to go straight to a meet up, I was really looking forward to meeting him.

I turned up to the bar a little flustered as I was 5 minutes late but I didn’t see him, so I got a drink at the bar and sat down. After 15 minutes, he still hadn’t turned up. 30 minutes – nothing. At 45 minutes I realised he wasn’t coming. I couldn’t call him because we didn’t exchange numbers, so I went home.

Later on that night I got a message from him telling me that he left his mobile charging at a client’s and he had to return to get it. I told him that it was fine if he didn’t want to meet, we could just stop here. But he insisted that he wanted to, it was just a busy time for him. We texted a few times but he didn’t reply to my last one and that was that.

I never heard from him again, and I cannot understand why he couldn’t just be honest with me. I think because we had already made some sort of a connection he felt that saying no to me would feel like a rejection – but actually it would have saved me a lot of disappointment.


Ping Pong gone wrong:

I was set up by my dad and aunt. Possibly I should have known then and there that it wouldn’t work, but I was literally willing to try anything to meet someone. He was the son of a friend of my aunt and single, and living in the same city – so to them, it seemed like an obvious match. We met at a restaurant I chose and I instantly knew that it wasn’t going to happen. He seemed more than unimpressed at the place I chose, and all I could think to that was – well, why didn’t YOU pick somewhere – first date and all….

He was so fussy so took ages to order, he was rude to the waitress, totally unimpressed with me and my ‘life story’, my job wasn’t impressive enough for him – but we had to endure the whole night, knowing that our families would want to know all about it. The final nail in the coffin was when he paid for the dinner on his business credit card – expensing me! What an insult, what a waste of a night. Free dinner yes, but it wasn’t worth it to be made to feel so unimportant.


No ambition:

I met a guy online and we had the same interests and we also worked in the same industry. I wasn’t exactly sure of what he did – but I thought I would find out when I met him and I was looking forward to meeting him. We arranged to have a drink and when I arrived I could see that he was nervous and I thought that was really sweet and I had some really good feelings about the night.

We started talking and of course we talked about work, and that was strike 1 for me. I had many aspects to my job, it was very varied and I loved it and I loved the challenge. Every day having something new to deal with or a new problem to solve. It turned out that his entire job was one aspect of mine. Just one, and that was all he did. I almost didn’t understand because this particular task was the easiest and more unchallenging of all my work, so when he told me that he sat at a computer for 8 hours a day only doing that – alarm bells rang. Where was his ambition to do more? Where was his drive to improve and excel?

We carried on talking about life and the future and I mentioned that I was keen to buy my own apartment some day and he said that in fact he was saving up now to buy something. I thought that was great news – so there was some ambition in him, he did want to excel. When I asked him if he was close to achieving his goal he said no, not really – I keep spending all the money I save on going out at the weekend! Strike 2. And then I said, well perhaps you could live somewhere less expensive so you would have more of your income to put towards savings, and he said – well actually, I live with my parents. Strike 3. (he was 35 years old). And then I said, oh really, when did you decide to move home – and he said, well actually I have never moved out. Why would I? Free food, my mum does my laundry, and wakes me up for work in the morning, I can borrow my dad’s car and I get to spend my money on what I want. Strike 4 – game over. Sorry if this sounds arrogant, but I want a future with someone, and  just couldn’t see it with someone like that.