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WEdate Speed dating events Brussels

What are WEdate events?

WEdate run events that are divided by age group, e.g. late 20s-30s, mid 30s-40, over 40 etc. Depending on the age group, you will be attending either a Speed Dating event or a Slow Dating event. (See individual pages to find out more about each of these event types).

What WE do is that we always try our best to make sure that there are equal numbers of male and female participants at WEdate events, and during the events you will get to spend one on one time with each person that attends (of the opposite sex) and there are also opportunities for you to meet and chat with everyone.

The purpose of the events are to meet new people, and if you are lucky enough to find that special person, then that would be a wonderful outcome.

Events can take place on Saturdays, Sundays or midweek evenings.

To find out more about our upcoming Speed Dating and Slow Dating events in Brussels, please visit our Events page.

If you’re still not sure what WE do, or want more information, please have a read of our Testimonials, take a look at our FAQs page, or get in Contact.