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You may be wondering: ‘who is this girl that contacts me in the middle of my day and asks if I am interested in meeting and dating new people’ and that is understandable, so let’s tell you a little something about her…

Abbi is newly married to a wonderful Belgian man, living in Brussels and working hard to promote the speed dating nights.

It wasn’t always like this though. For 15 years Abbi lived in London, and she worked hard in the music industry, then realised that wasn’t for her. So then she worked hard re-training to be a lawyer and finally made it after 7 years’ effort. Then, one day – having been offered a promotion and a chance to buy an apartment of her own, she thought ‘I’ve loved my last 15 years, but do I want this life for the next 15?’ and the answer was no. She quit her job and her rented apartment, said a difficult goodbye to her friends and thought – I’ll try Brussels first, then Norway then I’ll see where the world takes me. After 5 months of living in Brussels, she met her match! …. but that is another story.

Something Abbi knows all too much about is how difficult it is to find that person that you just adore, and who adores you in return. Her journey hasn’t been easy and she has reluctantly allowed us to tell you her top 3 dating disasters, so here goes…

Number 3:
Abbi met someone online, who seemed nice enough and in fact he was – no complaints there, but he sounded just like her uncle, and after 10 seconds of meeting him in person knew it just wasn’t going to work, but she had to spend the rest of the night on the pre-planned date.

Number 2:
She was convinced her date had spiked her drink in Starbucks because she couldn’t figure out why a berry Frappuccino would make her heart beat pound, her ears ring and her palms sweat. After a very accusatory exchange, there was just some coffee in it – but Abbi doesn’t drink coffee. Date over.

Number 1:
Having gone on a date where the guy seemed just lovely at the time, she decided that the age difference was just too much and this wasn’t going to work out. After delicately passing on that information, Abbi then had to read an essay of an e-mail assassinating her character and life decisions, and was told ‘you clearly can’t be interested in setting up a life in Brussels – you live in the centre of town and you haven’t even started signing up for primary schools!!’…???!

These stories are the main reason for the meeting and dating nights being set up in the first place. WEdate know it’s not easy, WE know dating is not always as fun as it should be and WE really think WE can make it better.

We would love to hear your dating disaster stories. Email them to us and we will post them on our Dating Disasters page.

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