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At WEdate we work very hard to create events that people want to come to. We appreciate all feedback, and with the permission of the writers, we have been allowed to print some of their kind testimonials here.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their experiences – passing on the positive message will hopefully encourage others to take a chance and attend

15/02/2020 – C. – “The meeting was very nicely organized. If I knew how smooth it would go I would have come long time ago already. Thank you for your helpful attitude and attention to detail! I will definitely attend again in the near future. “

15/02/2020  – D. – “The event was so much fun! I had a great time”

‘The organization was very friendly and welcoming and made me feel comfortable. I went with an open mind and I made some real connections, from all over the world. It was a very pleasant evening. I would recommend this organization to everyone.’

‘Thank you for the perfect organisation. You did a great job!

‘I was really timid going in, didn’t know what to expect, but you made sure everyone was comfortable, so I had a blast talking to 10 strangers. No pressure to do anything I normally wouldn’t do, and in the end I found some new friends, which is awesome.’

‘It was a very nice evening, I definitely had fun – thanks for organising it!’

‘I really loved the speed dating event, I thought it was in a cool bar and really well organised. I met some interesting people in a relaxed environment, I would recommend it for a fun night out.’

‘I must say that the event was very well organised, in a centric but yet discrete area. Beautiful hotel and excellent service & catering. You cannot ask for more!’

‘I suscribed to two events (speed and slow-dating) on the same week-end because my friend didn’t want to attend on her own, and I didn’t regret it! On Saturday evening, I attended the speed dating event where I had the opportunity to chat for 7 minutes with 10 men, with very different energies, profiles and life experience. That variety helped the evening to go smoothly and to make my choice(s) easier. The bar where we had the event was really nice (despite a bit too much heat): same age range in the non-privatised area, good music and cheap drinks. After a convenient break and the second round, came the time where I had to put down names! I eventually chose 2 men. And… they both picked me! I am meeting one this week and the other one next week 🙂 So that was really nice and a good ego boost 🙂 The event on the Sunday afternoon had quite a different energy: calmer, a bit more formal but that was also what I was looking for: time with nice men! There, I had the opportunity to mingle with 4 men. The hotel lobby where the event was held was really classy, with some amazing desserts! In the end, I put down one name and he didn’t pick me. But that’s life! I must add that there the WEdate hostess was great: super dynamic, very very nice, and always in a good mood and available to answer my various questions.’

‘It’s an experience that everyone should try once (or twice like in my case:-)), be open minded and you will meet interesting people & you can learn couple of things about yourself…events I’ve attended were very well organized and you feel welcome from the first moment.’

‘Whether you are looking for the love of your life or just for a different night out, these speed dates are a fill-up of energy and fun. Ten new acquaintances in an hour or so, the two times I have been there only met great people, with interesting lives. That’s not only the merit of a diverse city as Brussels…. It is also the steer that the organisers have given to the events. Familiar atmosphere, targeted groups, informal and welcoming attitude are contagious. It shows that they really believe in what they are doing for having experimented in first person. Oh I forgot… free drink included ;)’